DeKalb County Clerk
Disabled Voter Program


Any registered DeKalb County voter who has a permanent disability or physical incapacity that may inhibit voting at the polls on Election Day, may enroll in the Permanently Disabled Vote by Mail Program.  The following conditions must be met.

  • An “Application for Disabled Voter’s Identification Card” must be completed by the voter.
  • The “Physician’s Affidavit” must be completed by the voter’s attending physician.  If the voter is a holder of an “Illinois Disabled Person Identification Card”, with a Class 1 or 2 status number, the “Physician’s Affidavit” is not needed.
  • Once completed, the form must be returned and filed with the DeKalb County Clerk’s office.

After enrollment in the program the voter will automatically receive a “Vote by Mail Application” at all future elections.  It will be at the voter’s discretion, by returning the signed application to the DeKalb County Clerk’s office, to participate in the election.


Assistance is the actual casting of votes for a voter in accordance with the voter’s wishes.  Assistance can be given by a friend or relative but cannot be given by an officer or agent of the voter’s employer or union. A candidate whose name appears on the ballot is also prohibited from assisting, unless the voter is a spouse or relative.  If assistance is given, the name and address of the person giving assistance must be provided on the certification envelope.

For additional information, please contact the DeKalb County Elections’ office at 815-895-7147.

To be placed in our Disabled Voter Program, please complete the following forms:

Disabled Voter Application and Affidavit