DeKalb County Clerk
Election Judge Training

****Due to COVID19, Election Judge training Classes will not be held in person until further notice.


Prior to every Election, training classes are scheduled for that election cycle.  There are sessions scheduled for Election Day Judges, Election Day Registration VoteSafe Judges, Early/Grace Voting Judges, High School Students and make-up classes.  All newly appointed Judges are required to take a training class before being scheduled at a Precinct/Polling Place on Election Day.  Early/Grace Judges are required to attend a training session, prior to each Early Voting cycle, before being scheduled to work.  Information will be sent out well ahead of time to all of the current judges.  If you are new and would like more information, please contact the Election Judge Coordinator for the training session schedules. Email:

The two-year training course, mandated by the State of Illinois for all Election Judges is scheduled for the fall in the even numbered years.  Any experienced judges are more than welcome to attend one of the available Election Day training classes, during any election cycle, please contact the Election Judge Coordinator for availability.

Click on the link below for the most current Election Judge Training Manual:
2020-2022 Election Day Manual