DeKalb County Clerk


 In order to vote on a DeKalb County ballot you must be registered to vote at your current DeKalb County residential address.  There are many opportunities and options for you to register to vote.  You may register to vote at the Office of the County Clerk, many banks, libraries, the Department of Motor Vehicles and most municipalities in DeKalb County.   For information on the Deputy Registrar nearest you, please contact our office at 815-895-7147.

You may also register online with the Paperless Online Voter Application process, on the State Board of Elections Website:  Click Here

Voter Registration is quick and easy.  Click the link below for more information:
Registering to Vote in Illinois

If you are unsure if your voter registration is current:  
How do I Know if I’m Already Registered in DeKalb County?

How do I Know if I’m Registered in the State of Illinois?

To obtain a voter registration form that you may mail in:
 Mail In Voter Registration Application  
**** If you have missed the regular Voter Registration deadline, please see our Grace Period Registration tab for more information.

If you wish to CANCEL your voter registration, due to moving out of state, you may do one of the following:

  • Email  your request to:  providing your name, address and birthdate.
  • Fill in your information on the back of your DeKalb County voter information card and mail to our office.
  • Mail in a letter of cancellation that includes your name, DeKalb County address, birthdate.
Where to Register to Vote on Election Day

DeKalb County residents who are not currently registered to vote or who have changed their name and/or address within the county, may register and vote on Election Day.  This may be done at our Election Day Registration Center: DeKalb County Administration Bldg, 110 E Sycamore St, Sycamore OR at the Polling Place that accommodates the voter’s address.

Polling Locations by Precinct

Use the following link to find your Precinct :   CLICK HERE

To locate your Polling Place, see the following link:  CLICK HERE  

****If you are already registered, at your current address, you must vote at your designated Polling Place only.